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Workshop on Accessible Technology in ICTD

Dec 10, 2013, at the ICTD 2013 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa
Location: Kramer 5B, University of Cape Town
Time: 14.00 – 17.30 hrs

Short Summary: This session is a free half-day workshop introducing attendees to accessibility and adaptive technology and their role in ICTD. A lecture and interactive form workshop will introduce concepts of disability studies, international law related to accessibility and various accessible technologies.

Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan
Derrick Cogburn, American University
Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research
Deepti Samant Raja, Syracuse University

Assistive or Accessible Technologies (AT) are vital to the social and economic participation of persons with disabilities. In several Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), challenges such as poor infrastructure in institutions and public spaces, as well as negative attitudes towards disability and the lack of a culture of accessibility result can result in the exclusion of people with disabilities from socio-economic participation. This workshop introduces participants to three major areas of scholarship relevant to the issue of disability and AT in LMICs.

First Session: 1400-15.30 hrs

The first session will be conducted as a training workshop in talk/discussion format. The session will introduce attendees to disability studies, including the following topics:

  1. Theoretical framing: social and medical models of disability
  2. Short history of disability studies
  3. Accessibility in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, United Nations CRPD
  4. Introduction to various kinds of accessible technologies

Second Session: 15.45-17.30 hrs

In the second session, we will have short talks moderated by a discussion on accessible ICTs

Session Chair: Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research

  1. Accessible Cyberlearning for Persons with Disabilities in Southeast Asia: A Four Year Case Study of the Institute in Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) for the ASEAN Region – Derrick Cogburn, American University
  2. Crowdsourced online captioning in multiple languages for accessibility – Kathleen Ludewig Omollo, University of Michigan
  3. Realizing the potential of accessible ICTs in developing countries - Rebecca Matter, University of Washington
  4. Mobiles as accessible technology: A six country study – Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan

The session will end with brief wrap-up comments on the state of accessibility work in ICTD.

The workshop is free and open to all. Please email joyojeet [at] umich [dot] edu to participate.