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Human Rights Advocates Connect

UMSI students Sloka Krishnan, Joyce Sakata, and Maura Youngman worked on Human Rights Advocates Connect, a resource for the human rights lawyering community in India in collaboration with the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore India. Citizens with a need for Human Rights related counsel often lack access to reliable means of connecting with legal professionals. In turn, professionals do not have ways of connecting with each other and consulting on cases through reliable archival material that can be used for developing cases. HRAC includes a directory of lawyers, an archive of legal and activist materials, and a forum for lawyers to connect with one another and respond to each other’s queries.
Joyce Sakata, Sloka Krishnan, Maura Youngman

External collaborators on the project include Lawrence Liang, Santanu Chakraborthy, and Darshana Mitra at the Alternate Law Forumand Sushant Sinha at Indian Kanoon. The site is available at http://hrac.in