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Crowdsourcing Translations for Open Education

The Open.Michigan Initiative, led by University of Michigan Medical School Information Services, has thousands of learning materials that are available to the public and are free to access. All of these materials are shared under open licenses that allow translations, adaptations, and copies. Some of these learning materials were co-authored by people in multiple countries and reach a large global audience. In 2012, we received specific requests to make some of the materials available in other languages. However, up until December 2012, the vast majority were available only in English.

In January 2013, Open.Michigan put out an appeal for volunteers to help translate some of our openly licensed videos into other languages. The goal of this initiative is to make some of the content authored by University of Michigan and our institutional partners in Africa available to larger audience around the world. The response to Open.Michigan’s call has been tremendous.

Translations are invited and received on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Learn more about the Open.Michigan Translation Process and Activities.

Individuals interested in learning more about the open translation process and helping to improve it, contact the Open.Michigan team.

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