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Access Hub, is an accessible web resource dedicated to providing collaboration opportunities for individuals and groups interested in disability topics across India.  It provides a platform for experts to upload up-to-date policy information concerning disabilities, service providers and advocacy groups to insert content about their organizations, users to discuss a variety of disability-related topics, and contains a running feed of disability information throughout India.  The site aims to be a source for interested parties to find valuable information about disability issues in India that are currently not  transparent or are otherwise difficult to find.

Kevin Smith, Elyse Guilfoyle, Caitie Godard

UMSI students Elyse Guilfoyle and Kevin Smith, and Public Policy student Caitie Goddard, completed while hosted at the National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) in Trivandrum, Kerala. External collaborators include Anne Varghese and Samuel Mathew at NISH, Nirmita Narasimhan and Anandhi Viswanathan at the Center for Internet Studies, and Amba Salelkar at the Inclusive Planet Center for Disability Law and Policy.