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Kathleen Ludewig Omollo

Kathleen Ludewig Omollo has been engaged with open licenses, educational technologies, and digital collections at University of Michigan (U-M) since 2007 and global partnerships since 2009.

Kathleen was an Open.Michigan Initiative staff member from September 2008 – August 2014. In her roles at Open.Michigan, she trained over 200 student volunteers, staff, and faculty members on how to license, design, and distribute educational materials so that can be shared legally, efficiently, and freely. During her time as staff, Kathleen led a range of Open.Michigan projects, most notably growing and supporting international partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa, refining dScribe training, coordinating crowdsourcing translation activities, developing offline approaches to sharing OER, developing methods to share OER metrics data in more dynamic, useful ways, and creating a simple, offline tool for authoring dynamic quizzes and cases.

In August 2014, Kathleen joined the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Learning Health Sciences as its Strategy Officer. She continues to support a number of educational technology projects for strengthening obstetrics and gynecology capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.

For more about Kathleen’s work and publications, visit her University of Michign Profile.