SI 657: Information Technology and International Development

This course will provide an intensive introduction to the field of information technology and global development, in its historical, policy, and design dimensions. Part one offers an overview of key historical and contemporary debates in international development, and an introduction to recent theoretical works on technology and development including. We explore a broad range of work from historical academic literature on development to contemporary commentary on issues such as economic growth, urban and infrastructural change, culture, environment, humanitarian issues, healthcare, and quality of life.

Part two explores the growing literature on technology and development. Through readings, discussions, and course assignments, students will gain an understanding of several of the key issues being faced in the developing world, and examine the role of technology in these. Through geographically focused project and discussion groups, students will also develop specific regional or country-level knowledge and experience.

Link to syllabus.

InstructorJoyojeet Pal

Strategy / ES 646: Solving Societal Problem through Enterprise and Innovation

Solving Societal Problem through Enterprise and Innovation, surveys innovative approaches to these problems, overseas and in the US. I strive to bring early-stage social entrepreneurs to class so you can learn from and talk to them. Last year, they were addressing problems of health (Ghana), energy (Uganda), clean water (India), poverty (Detroit), and education (Detroit). Most have given TED talks and have profound business and personal lessons to share.

This course is solutions-focused. It is open to business and non-business students, and thrives on establishing a diverse dialog among students with different educational and work backgrounds.

Syllabus from last year at: http://goo.gl/tYPD7

InstructorMichael Gordon

SI 545: Information Technology and Development: Contemporary Issues

Information Technology and Development: Contemporary Issues — This course will discuss contemporary developments in information technology and global development. We focus on four domain areas within ICTs and Development worldwide: Education, healthcare, governance, and governance, examine the role of appropriate design in building technology tools applied towards development issues, and finally we examine critically the idea of ICT4D. Through reading, discussion, and a group project, students will gain design, research, and critical thinking skills in technology and development issues. link. 
InstructorJoyojeet Pal

Strategy / ES 644: Introduction to Microfinance

*Introduction to Microfinance*, is an innovative course that covers these and related topics. In conjunction with Stanford, we explore the Whys and Hows, the successes and limitations of these topics. The course is loaded with outside speakers who are experts in the field (usually practitioners), including those running large microfinance organizations overseas to others developing new US-based approaches like Kiva Zip in Detroit.

This is a non-technical course open to students across the university with no pre-requisites.

This course allows you to get a cutting edge view of innovative financial services that address issues of poverty, health, education, energy and the environment, and more.

Syllabus from last year at: http://goo.gl/YyupP

InstructorMichael Gordon